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For management purposes, the F2F Organiser Dashboard allows you access to all of the Groups of which you are a leader organiser.

Because F2F Organisers are also Group Leaders, you will see that there are 2 distinctly different types of groups available to you :-

  • Those shown in brackets, e.g. (Durham & Darlington FRS – 17 June 2020 – TR201 IEC Intermediate), are the ones that you will be concerned in your role as an F2F Organiser. Groups with names in brackets relate to specific training course (also known as training events).
  • The other groups (the ones without brackets), such as Durham & Darlington – IEC, contain the full list of students for a particular client / client divisions – these groups are maintained by Trauma Resus Training Admin staff.

For F2F Organiser activities, you should only access the “course groups”, i.e. the ones with names in brackets.

Select the Group you wish to access from the pull-down, and you will be presented with a list of all of the users / students in that group.

Above the list of users, you will see two pull-down buttons :-

  • To the left is one entitled Users. If you click on the pull-down, there is are options to Add Users (one, multiple or upload) or Email Users
  • The various Add Users options are the ones you should use to add students to your “Course Group”
  • If you need to Email Users, a form will open up, which allows you to communicate with the students in this “course group”. This may assist you with sending out Joining Instructions.
  • To the right is one entitled Reports, which allows you to report on various aspects of the group of users.

Should one of your users have forgotten their password, you may also perform a Password Reset by selecting the checkbox against their entry and clicking on “Send password reset”.

Lower down the screen is a list of all users in this Group. For large groups, there may be several pages of users. You may sort the list by First Name, Last Name, Email Address or Status.

You may update a student’s First Name, Last Name or Email Address by clicking on either First Name or Last Name.

You may send an email to a student or group leader by clicking on their email address.

For a group which goes to several pages, if you wish to see the details of a particular student in the group, enter the first name, last name or email address of that student into the search box. Partial matches also usually work.

For any student who has started at least one course, clicking on the words In Progress or Completed will present a detailed report on that student, showing each course they are enrolled on, along with their progress.

Before you create an F2F Course Group, you should already have :-

  • Decided which students will be attending the training event
  • Ensured that Trauma Resus Training Admin has checked that those students :-
      • Have had their details loaded up on the Learning Portal
      • Have been provided with Logins and Passwords
      • Have been provided with access to their Pre-Course E-Learning in advance of attending their F2F training course.

You should then proceed as follows :-

Step 1 – Create a “Course Group” for your F2F training event

This will be used by Trauma Resus Training Admin and yourself.

For each F2F training event, you should use the recommended naming format for “Course Groups” :-

  • Place Round Brackets around the Group Name, so it can be distinguished from full Client / Client Division Groups
  • Within the brackets, the course group naming convention should be :
      • Course number and name, followed by a dash, followed by the course date, followed by a dash, followed by the client name
      • e.g. (Durham & Darlington FRS – 17 June 2020 – TR201 IEC Intermediate).

Set the number of seats as 6 or 12, depending upon the number of attendees (12-student training events must have 2 instructors present).

The Group Courses selected should be :-

TR001 Pre-Course E-Learning
• plus the one which will be delivered at the training event, e.g. TR201 IEC Intermediate.

You will need your own login / email address to set yourself up as Group Leader, and you should set up Trauma Resus Training Admin ( as an additional Group Leader.

You should then click on Create Group.

Step 2 –  Add details of the students who will be attending your F2F training event

This is as previously described in the Add Users options of  F2F Organiser Dashboard (above) :-

  • Look for the “course group” you have just set up
  • Select that group from the group pull-down
  • Select the appropriate option(s) to add students to the group :-
      • Add One
      • Add Multiple
      • Upload Users (from CSV upload)

Remember that you will need each user’s email address, first name and last name.

If using a CSV upload, you can build an appropriately structured file from a spreadsheet.

As users are added to the Course Group, they will receive an email notification, welcoming them to it.

Pre-Course E-Learning is normally undertaken in the month prior to a relevant Face-to-Face course, and worst case must be done in the preceding 3 months.

For students who are about to attend a Requalification Course, E-Learning must be completed again. To allow this to occur, their historic E-Learning details need to be removed from the students’ records.

To do this, start by keying in the name or email address of a member of the group. Partial matches normally work, and there is no need to press enter.

The names and email addresses of matching student records will be displayed, allowing you to scroll down and select the particular student you are looking for.

Click on the student you require. A list of their courses will be displayed, and you will see their E-Learning course.

Click to “untick” the tick-box against the course. You will be asked if you wish to untick the entire course, and the update will occur immediately.

If you wish to reset E-Learning for another student, start keying in their name or email address, as above, and so onwards.

Prior to the start of a F2F course, the F2F Pre-Course Report allows you to check that all of the students in that particular course group have completed their Pre-Course E-Learning.

Select the Group you wish to access from the pull-down on the left, then TR001 Pre-Course E-Learning using the pull-down on the right.

You will be presented with a list of all users in the Course Group.

You may sort the list by First Name or Last Name and, more importantly, you can see how far through Pre-Course E-Learning they are … Hopefully this will be 100% for all students in the group.

If this is not the case, you can email them via the F2F Organiser Dashboard.

The F2F Course Completions option is provided for the F2F Organiser to enter course completion dates for students who have successfully completed as F2F training course.

It is appreciated that course completions may well be entered onto the system some days/weeks after the course was actually delivered.

  • Start by accessing the group pulldown, and selecting the “Course Group” for that particular course
  • Remember that course group names are always in brackets, and in the format of course number and name, followed by a dash, followed by the course date, followed by a dash, followed by the client name, e.g. (Durham & Darlington FRS – 17 June 2020 – TR201 IEC Intermediate).
  • Select the appropriate course from the course pulldown, and you will be presented with a list of students who attended that course
  • For a course with a larger number of students, the student list may be multi-page, so please bear this in mind
  • Completion dates may be entered against individual students, after which you should press the Update All button to write the dates away
  • On most occasions, all students will have completed the course (on the same date), so a short-cut is provided to fill in the same date for all students on that page
  • If this is the case, all you need to do is enter the course completion date against the first student on the page, and tick the box to populate all students on the screen
  • Please remember that the dates will not be saved until you press Update All button
  • Finally, if this is a multi-page screen, remember to page forward and update the students on the next page.

Once you have clicked on Update All, each student will be sent an email notification asking them to complete post-course Feedback.

On receipt of this feedback, their F2F course certificate will be made available to them. This will include the course completion date as entered.

Should there be any students who failed to complete the F2F course,  this might be a good time to get in touch with them using the Private Sessions facility (“My Sessions” at the right hand side of the screen). For fuller details, see below.

To the right of the screen, you will see that there is an area marked My Sessions

As an F2F Organiser, you are able to engage in a Private Session between yourself and any of the students in your group(s).

Private Sessions can be hugely valuable to F2F Organisers and students alike, offering an opportunity to ask questions directly, and for students to obtain expert feedback.

Private Session details are not shared with anyone else, and a session may be initiated by either a student or a Group Leader / F2F Organiser.

To watch the F2F Organisers’ Training Video about the Learning Portal, please CLICK HERE (opens in a new tab).

For a print-ready version of the entire “F2F Organiser Help”, please CLICK HERE (opens in a new tab).

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